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Agricultural Uses for Stretch Film Pallet Wrap

Stretch film is one of the most commonly used products in the agriculture industry. Stretch film is usually made of linear low-density polyethylene or LLDP. This material is what gives stretch film its most common characteristics, such as the ability to extend far past its original size and puncture resistance. Other key characteristics of stretch film include limited gas permeability, resistance to UV light, and the ability to adapt to different atmospheric conditions. Some factors to consider when purchasing stretch film include thickness and moisture resistance. There are a variety of agricultural uses for stretch film pallet wrap, from protecting items in transit to transporting bales of hay and much more. Consider these ways to use stretch film pallet wrap in agriculture, from the earliest stages to the latest.

300x250 (1)Wrapping Bale Silage

When wrapping bale silage, it is crucial to make sure that the film you are using has a high stretching capacity and minimum gas permeability. Mold growth is the most common affliction that ruins bales of hay, It can fester in bales that are inadequately stored and transported. Stretch film is ideal in such situations as the film can easily cover the bale as soon as it is pressed, preventing heating and mold growth. Additionally, stretch film that can withstand different atmospheric conditions allows you to be sure that your bale is being protected from the elements. Film that can limit UV exposure can further protect bales over long-distance transit as it keeps the grass as fresh as it was when wrapped.

Storing Produce

It is important to protect produce while it is awaiting transportation. Since stretch film is so resilient against changing weather conditions, farmers can easily wrap their crops and produce in bulk and store the products in a dry space for a short period of time until the products are ready to be moved. Most of the harm that shortens the lifespan of produce comes from exposure to outside elements, such as heat and air. Wrapping the produce as soon as possible can protect it from these elements. As long as you keep your produce in storage for a reasonable amount of time, stretch film can extend the freshness of your products.

Centralizing Products

In keeping with the idea of storage, stretch film can also help centralize a farmer’s products, easing organization and maximizing space. Once wrapped and stacked, pallets of produce can be wrapped as a unit, creating a clean and angled pallet, about three feet high. This allows farmers to store their products efficiently in a small warehouse or loading dock before the next scheduled time for transit. The strong load retention of stretch film can mean more products stored in smaller spaces, opening up more floor space for more produce. In these cases, space is money – and you cannot afford to waste either.

Moving Produce

For farmers that regularly transport produce, stretch film pallet wrap is a fundamental part of their business. The wrap encompasses all the products that are transported. It is commonly wrapped around these products four to eight times. The thickness of the wrap changes the amount of overlaps needed. This method ensures that when the pallets of produce are moved the produce does not shake too much in its packaging. When the wrap is too loose, the produce can get bruised or broken, resulting in lost profit for the farmer. The idea of continued freshness and efficient centralization also carries over into transit. Stretch film that can protect against the elements can ensure that the produce remains in optimal condition, from the farm to the table.

The versatility of stretch film pallet wrap makes it an integral part of a farmer’s life. Stretch film pallet wrap is involved in nearly every stage of a crop’s life, from seedling to transportation. The protection it offers is the difference between wasted produce and happy buyers, and its efficiency makes the difference between a chaotic warehouse and an organized one. Plus, stretch film can be customized to suit your needs, from hay wrap to hand wrap.

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