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What Can the EBS Handjet Printer Do for You?

Your old hand coder has finally done it last job. After all the problems you had with that antique hand coder (labor intensive, expensive, and poor ink management), you are looking for a more up-to-date method for marking the items. It might be a good time to consider the latest in lightweight, wireless, compact coding: The HandJet series of EBS handheld printers. The EBS series are the latest in the line of handheld coders. Newer features and greater functionality are built in to make your coding tasks even faster to accomplish. Here are a few of the ways that the HandJet EBS series can help to make your coding go faster and with fewer snags.

handjet printerImproved Printing Capabilities

Of course, the main use of your handheld printer is for labeling. EBS handheld printers feature a number of printing improvements compared to that old hand coder.

Increased Print Height

With EBS printers, the letter and symbol sizes are available, to 32 dots @ up to 2.2”. They are capable of providing up to four lines of code. Printed letters and symbols become sharper and less likely to be misread.

Larger Ink Cartridge

The capacity of the ink cartridge has been increased and is capable of printing up to 200,000 characters (doubled from 100,000 characters) over a 7×5 matrix. No more frequent stopping to refill your handheld printer.

A Wide Variety of Message Sizes

The print image height is expanded and can now print messages from .276” to 2.2”, and can print those sizes as a single line or multi-line message. Now you’re able to print clear, legible messages in any size, and print those messages on the smallest or largest of items.

Print Messages on Many Different Surfaces

Messages can be printed on porous and non-porous surfaces including corrugated steel, paper, film, foil, glass, metal, lumber, and concrete. EBS handheld printers are able to print needed symbols or messages on just about any surface you can imagine.

More Control Over Your Printing Task

Not only are your printing choices expanded with EBS handheld printers, so is your ability to preview and control what you print. No more guessing what the message will end up looking like, or where it will end up on your item.

Touchscreen Precision

EBS series handheld printers are equipped with an on-board, touch screen controller, which is fully colorized. When a quick adjustment is needed, you won’t have to do anything more than enter needed changes (color, font, size, expiration dates, counters) using the touch screen, and you’re back in business.

A Wide Variety of Graphics Packages, Fonts, and Symbols

No longer will you be limited to only a few, pre-installed font types or symbols. The EBS series comes loaded with a wide variety of national characters, graphics, and variable fields. The 2-gigabyte memory has more than enough room for downloading of special fonts (TrueType, Google). You can even access a Firefox browser through your unit.

Large, easily readable screen

Now you can view your exact printing task through the onboard, hardened, 3.5” (diagonal measure) viewer. Not only can you view the message being printed, but you have all the necessary printing options available at your fingertips. Simply touch the required change on the screen, and you’re back to your printing with nary an interruption.

Laser-guided positioning

EBS printers are equipped with a built-in laser guidance system to ensure precise message positioning. With an easy-to-follow laser targeting system to guide your message positioning, you’ll never have to search for symbols or messages again.

Almost Limitless Ink Options

Regardless of the types of materials your printing will adorn, the EBS series can handle it. Whether your ink is of a quick-drying variety, or if your packaging requires its own specific type of ink (ethanol, acetone, MEK based, UV legible, or food-grade) the HandJet can handle it. Even better, the unit comes with an easily installed cleaning cartridge that will flush the system when it’s time to change the ink.

Print From Any Angle

In addition to these options, EBS series handheld printers will print your symbol or letter message from any angle. The latest generation of HandJet EBS handheld printers is built with the user’s comfort in mind. They are designed for long-term use. The unit weighs just over 3 ½ lbs and is ergonomically designed for balance and comfort. The power supply can either be an external (24V), or internal. A fully-charged battery can provide up to 16 hours of continuous operation under normal conditions. The EBS series has communication capability built in. You can connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, or USS.

Proper marking of your shippable items is an important and critical part of your business. With the newer generation of HandJet EBS series handheld printers, your labeling tasks will become more precise, and easier to accomplish.

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