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How to Improve Agricultural Bulk Packaging and Processing

Agricultural packaging and processing is just one step in the supply chain for agricultural goods. Once your company moves the product from the farm to the factory, modern technology takes over to lower your costs and improve efficiency. Massive facilities turn bulk packaging and processing into a science filled with conveyor belts, washers, and scanners. Automated machines represent one of the several ways to improve your bulk agricultural business.

bulk packagingWays to Increase Your Revenue

Modern packaging and processing create several ways to increase revenue. Farming is a $190 billion industry, so firms that serve as a link from farms to grocery stores stand to gain a huge influx of cash from the need to feed America’s population. To that end, processing agricultural goods remains a vital portion of this industry. Here’s how to increase your revenue as an automated processing facility.

Eliminate Waste

Automated processes eliminate waste and increase the number of viable goods that go into a shipment. Sifters get rid of dirt and debris while scanners pick out misshapen or rotten products that don’t belong in the batch. This means you deliver more high-quality product worth more money to your customers. You also earn a share of those profits when you sell more bulk items at wholesale prices.

Reduce Risk

Automated handling reduces human contact with the agricultural products. This reduces the possibilities of accidents within the workforce, and that saves your processing company money. The less contact humans have with the product while it’s in your facility, the less chance you have slips, falls, repetitive motion injuries and muscle strains. Let machines and technology do all of the hard work for you.

Increase Flexibility

One production line can handle several different types of agricultural products with a few minor adjustments. That means instead of shutting down a line for hours as you transition from sunflower seeds to apples, your downtime remains minimal. Just switch out a few machines, change some conveyor speeds and you’re ready to go with another batch of whatever came into the plant that day.

Create Efficiency

Machines work to move a lot of product without a lot of effort from human staffers. This increases efficiency while decreasing time to market. Keeping your processors running at peak efficiency makes your operation run more smoothly. The faster you move products from your facility to the store, the sooner your company earns more profits.

Using Bulk Packaging and Bulk Bags

Bulk packaging, formally know as flexible intermediate bulk containers forms one of the key components towards the end of the bulk processing. Once everything passes your inspection, the agricultural products have to go into a large container before heading off to another location. This means putting the products into bulk bags, stacking them together on pallets, wrapping them with stretch film and affixing the correct labels to them. After that, the products more to the truck for transport.

Why Bulk Bags?

Bulk bags improve your processing efficiency for several reasons. All of these factors contribute to a better overall profit margin for your company.


Bulk bags and bulk containers have labels already on them. Rather than printing labels on your own at the end of the production line, simply get bags ready that have clear labels printed on them. Labels can say the type of product, the name of the company, any expiration dates or even shipping destinations.

Flexible Way to Ship

Bulk bags offer flexibility when it comes to shipping. You don’t waste space because your facility can fill bags part of the way or all of the way. Rather than rigid containers that take up more space, bulk bags conform to your space and warehouse needs.

Reducing Contamination

Woven polypropylene bulk bags keep the products in the bags while keeping contamination out thanks to a layer of protection. Polypropylene forms a barrier that reduces moisture, keeps out dust and dirt, and keeps the products fresher as they await shipping or further processing.

Standardizing Shipping

Bulk bags make every product easier to ship thanks to standardized ways to handle the bags. Some bags need loaders to move, while others require overhead hook conveyors. When you know what size bags leave your facility, you can alert the destination what kind of equipment to have on hand when the products arrive

Ordering bulk bags saves you money in several ways. These bags last a long time, and they are recyclable. Buying them by the thousands saves you more money over the long run, especially if you have a steady supply of agricultural products. Let Western Packaging show you how we save your company money. We specialize in bulk bags, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product every time.

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