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Polypropylene and Bulk Bags Are the Perfect Match

You may have seen large bulk bags in other places of business that you visit during your personal or professional life, but may not have considered the thoughtful design involved to make them. If you already use super sacks, you probably take for granted the woven polypropylene bulk bags you see every day in your business to store all of your products. It helps to learn about the wonderful match made between polypropylene and bulk bags when it comes to deciding which products are right for your warehouse operation.

bulk bagsWhat Is Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a durable plastic used in a huge number of applications because of its incredible versatility. It has a high melting point but is lightweight. It can easily be dyed without impacting the strength and durability of the substance. It is highly flexible while retaining all the qualities that make it one of the best plastics. This combination of qualities makes it ideal for integrating into bulk bags used to store and transport agricultural dry goods.

Keep Goods Safe and Dry

Like most plastics, polypropylene resists water so it keeps cargo safe and dry. In addition to not absorbing water, it also does not mold. This means that its integrity cannot be compromised due to mold or damp environments. Another benefit of polypropylene is that this material can take a great deal of damage before breaking. It is not a likely candidate for breakage or splitting during shipment. All of these traits add up to an optimal solution as to what material to use for huge storage bags that keeps the cargo safe and secure during transport and storage.

How It Is Made

Polypropylene itself was made by two chemists, Karl Rehn and Giulio Natta, back in 1954 when they polymerized it from petroleum. Three years later, this chemical breakthrough became a staple in commercial production such as wholesale bulk bags.

Woven to Perfection to Create the Ideal Barrier

Manufacturers weave strands of polypropylene together to create the bulk bags similar to the way that threads are woven together to make clothing. These bags can be made into a standard woven bag, a laminated woven bag to provide an even better barrier for water and contaminants, UV sandbags that can be used for natural disasters and paper laminated bags that offer the convenience of paper with all of the benefits of polypropylene. Plus, these big bags can be customized for any type of business use, including branding and promotion.

Benefits of Polypropylene Bulk Bags

All of the factors that make polypropylene special help to make woven polypropylene bulk bags perfect for everyday use. They’re lightweight and heavy duty, which are the best traits to have in materials that you use for shipping and storing. This means they will not add unnecessary weight to a product that is already heavy when it comes to shipping costs. Yet you do not want to get a light material that will not hold up to the wear and tear of the constant movement associated with dry goods.

Fantastically Flexible

Polypropylene is flexible without splitting, which means it holds up under pressure no matter the shape of the container. Finally, the properties of plastic that keep these bags from absorbing water, contaminants, and mold are all excellent when it comes to storing agricultural products. Maintaining the integrity of dry goods means fewer losses and greater profits over the long haul.

Impact of Polypropylene Bulk Bags for Agricultural Uses

The impact that polypropylene bulk bags have had on the agricultural industry is remarkable because these bags have revolutionized the way that products are stored and transported. These bags make it much easier to move agricultural products from farm to factory. Farmers and other agricultural businesses always look for ways to save money because every penny counts. The fact that these bags provide a lighter way to transport items saves on shipping costs.

Efficiency Matters

In addition, these bags don’t require pallets because of the way that they have been designed for lifting, moving and storing. Food-grade packaging is more efficient thanks to polypropylene, and efficiency saves money while adding to your profits. Polypropylene bulk storage bags make dollars and sense for your agricultural business.

Any agricultural business can benefit from moving from smaller paper bags and other packing options to polypropylene woven bulk bags. You will appreciate the different benefits that come from using this wonderful plastic creation, including easy packaging, better storage while waiting for orders, and easier transport from your place to your customers. And your customers will notice the ease that comes with processing your shipment in their own facilities. Our team of professionals can help you develop customized bulk bags to suit any type of application your agricultural business needs.

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