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Six Ways Bulk Bags Are Used in Agriculture

One of the industries that use bulk bags most often is agriculture. The size, shape, and configuration of these bags are conducive for many of the jobs that need to be accomplished in a normal day for farmers. Bulk bags also provide the perfect environment for agricultural products to be stored, used, and transported in a way that is beneficial to farmers, transporters, and end users. Bulk bags are incredibly versatile for the agricultural industry, as they have quite a number of varied uses. Following are six ways bulk bags are used in agriculture.

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Bulk bags are ideal for storage. Farmers can store their crops in bulk bags until they are ready to ship. They also provide the perfect storage place for crops until they are ready for use or sale. Their storage capacity is not limited to crops. Bulk bags can also store other items that are essential to the agricultural industry. They are a great way for farmers and other agriculture professionals to remain organized.

2. Crop transportation

The agriculture industry relies heavily on the safe transportation of crops. If crops are unable to get from Point A to Point B without issue, they are no good to the end user. Vegetables are delicate, and if they are crushed or marred in any way, they will not be able to be sold to supermarkets or other outlets. Vegetables are not the only crops that are transported in bulk bags. Crops such as wheat, barley and nuts are also carried in them. Bulk bags provide the protection these products need to arrive at their final destination safely so they can be transformed into bread and other products consumers need.

3. Seed storage and transportation

Just as the transportation of crops is important to the agricultural industry, so is the transportation of seeds and fertilizer. Seeds need to be kept in a dry, well-conditioned, cool location for them to be usable. They also need to be kept away and protected from various animals, such as birds and rodents, which can eat the seeds. Any loss of these products can cost a farmer more money. Bulk bags are the ideal environment for seeds to be stored and transported. Many seeds can be stored for up to one year, although some seeds can be stored for an even longer period of time. For example, watermelon seeds can remain safe and usable for as many as eight years.

4. Fertilizer storage

Fertilizer is perhaps the most important tool for a farmer. Without it, crops simply will not grow. Bulk bags are ideal for storing fertilizer and distributing it among the crops. Not only are bulk bags large enough to hold a significant amount of fertilizer, but they are also pliable enough to move easily. Bulk bags are ideal for both organic and inorganic fertilizers.

5. Fertilizer transportation

Fertilizer can come in many forms, including liquid, semi-liquid, and dry. Each type of fertilizer needs to travel to its final destination in a safe and ecologically friendly manner that also allows it to be loaded and removed from a truck in a convenient way. Bulk bags provide a safe environment that will ensure the fertilizer does not get contaminated and become unusable. Further, the handles on the bulk bags make it easy to load and unload the fertilizer without much effort.

6. Green initiatives

People in the agricultural industry know and understand more than anyone how vital it is to the planet to take steps to conserve energy and help preserve the planet for future generations. By using bulk bags instead of paper bags for transportation and storage of seeds, beans, nuts and other products, the agricultural industry is making great strides in the conservation arena. Currently, many growers of soybeans have already made the switch to bulk bags, and the corn industry is starting to make headway as well. The move away from paper bags and cardboard boxes toward bulk bags is quickly changing the entire agriculture industry as a whole. Often bulk bags are reusable, making them an ideal green option.

The versatility of bulk bags makes them the perfect choice to be used in an abundance of applications on farms and in other agricultural settings. Their size, shape and pliability combined with their light weight and durability to create an economical way for the agricultural industry to get the job done. Plus, bulk bags can be customized to suit your unique needs as well as printed to brand your business or properly organize your products.

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