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Top Bulk Bag Terms Agricultural Buyers Should Know

Any industry you work in is going to have a certain language and words specific to that line of work. It’s important to make sure you understand what some of those words and terms may mean, as it could be critical to you completing your job. The following are some of the most common bulk bag terms that agricultural buyers should know.

bulk bagBaffle

A baffle is when pieces of fabric or a different material are sewn across the corner of a tubular or four-panel bag. This helps improve the squareness of the bag and also helps to improve the stability of the load and be more efficient with storage space.


Volume is the size or the amount of a particular material that a container is capable of holding. Typically, you’ll see volume given in terms of cubic feet.

Bottom Spout

The bottom spout is also sometimes referred to as the discharge spout. Essentially, this is used as an outlet to help you empty the contents of a container.

Coated Fabric/Bags

Fabric or bags that are coated on the inside with polypropylene, help reduce the moisture present inside of the bag and also helps reduce contents from shifting. It prevents moisture from getting on the inside and it can also be referred to as a non-breathable or laminated fabric/bags.


Polyester is a type of polymer that is typically used to help produce a wide variety of yarns and threads. However, it is typically not easy to recycle along with a polypropylene container because the polymers are virtually incompatible when together.

UV Stabilized

This is a particular feature that uses technology to help protect against the UV rays given off by the sun if it happens to make direct contact with the container. It is typically an additive blended with resin prior to removing the yarns that help provide the UV protection on containers.


Hemming is a sewing technique that helps prevent cut fabric from fraying. Additionally, it helps add strength throughout the entire bag. Typically, hemming is done by folding and sewing the material, but it can also be done using glue. Hemming will help provide a clean finish to the container and can be done towards the inside or outside of the bag, whichever you prefer. Lastly, hemming can help you achieve the desired size you’re looking to get.

Belt Patch

The belt patch is a piece of fabric that gets sewn between the main fabric on the bag and the lift belt. This helps improve the shift resistance and also the safe working load because it provides you with a stronger and more durable lift.

Cord Lock

Cord locks are a device that helps hold rope or cord in place in a bag so that it can stay closed at all times. For the most part, these come in a wide variety of sizes and they help reduce the need for hand tied knots.

Approval Drawing

As the name would suggest, an approval drawing is a drawing given to the customer for their review. The customer is able to look it over prior to production and give feedback. This is to ensure that everything is up to the customers’ needs and expectations before production begins.

Production Drawings

Production drawings are documents that detail all of the specific information you need to make the bulk bags, such as dimensions, features, components and special instructions. These details are always approved by the customer first.

Sanitary Flap

The sanitary flap is on the bottom of the container and helps protect the entire bottom surface for cleanliness and wear. Sanitary flaps can also be referred to as protective bottoms in some situations.


The seam on a bag or container is the sew line that is made by attaching or assembling two components together. Most times, the seam is clearly visible on the product, therefore making it easy to identify.

Document Pouch

Document pouches are typically made of either polyethylene or polypropylene and it’s where all shipping and identifying documents are placed. Typically this will be on the outside of a box and can commonly be referred to as a pocket or envelope.

Cone Top

Similar to an inlet, a cone top is where the top is a pyramid shape to allow for overfilling of the bag. This is also referred to as a conical top at times.

Amazingly enough, these are only just a few words on the long list of terms that you could benefit from knowing when it comes to bulk bag terms. There are a lot of different terms that didn’t get discussed in this post, but this post does detail some of the more important and prominent terms you’re probably going to hear.

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