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What Benefits Do BOPP Plastic Bags Offer Your Bottom Line?

Getting your product from the farm to the table requires countless decisions. Perhaps the one with the greatest impact is product packaging. Without durable, protective, sustainable, low-cost, customizable options, issues of product and dollar waste arise.

BOPP plastic bagsBiaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) bags offer a viable solution to the packaging problem. In fact, polypropylene bags are the first choice for bulk packaging of agricultural products worldwide. And for a good reason.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of using BOPP plastic bags in packaging, storing and transporting your agricultural goods, you’ll want to keep reading. Below, we sing six praises of this worthy product (you may find a few extras hidden in the text as well).


The process of creating BOPP extrudes and stretches the material in two directions: longitudinally and laterally. This stretching creates a more durable, fatigue-resistant product. Bags made from BOPP handle the loads placed on them while maintaining stability.

Plus, BOPP bags hold up to the wear and tear of packaging, loading, and transport. The abuses of machines used to move products are no match for this material. Strength also means your product becomes resistant to contamination, microbes and airborne pollution when stored in a BOPP bag. Nothing gets in. Nothing gets out.

Finally, in the hands of a consumer, bag strength matters. While a buyer may not notice how rugged a bag is, he or she notes when one breaks, sags or gets soggy due to the weather. The woven, fabric-like makeup of BOPP bags makes them durable and weather resistant which ends consumer frustration and protects your reputation.

UV Light Resistance

The composition of BOPP bags makes them resistant to UV light. The sun’s rays prove beneficial in growing agricultural products. Also, new research indicates that exposing fresh produce to sunlight increases the health benefits.

But, outside controlled conditions, UV light causes potential damage to agricultural products. In other words, sunshine is no longer beneficial once the item is packaged. Storing, transporting and purchasing take environmental controls out of your hands. BOPP bags protect your inventory when you cannot.

Improved Storage

Also as a result of the way BOPP is created, it becomes incredibly transparent. This feature makes sheets of BOPP ideal for creating clear bags. In packaging, clarity allows you to see the product and check its integrity. The transparency of BOPP also has printing benefits described below.

In most bulk bag applications, a clear BOPP overlay gives them a high gloss finish. This feature adds to the attractive look of the bag. Also, BOPP bags are easy to keep clean and offer excellent stability when stored and stacked on shelf space. Plus, BOPP extends the shelf life of your product, thereby delivering freshness and safety to the consumer.

Environmentally Friendly

Cutting waste and recycling efforts boost revenues and decrease your company’s carbon footprint. Made with polypropylene, BOPP bags are recyclable (although not biodegradable). With the quantity required in the agricultural community, this fact saves landfills. But they are also reusable which adds an environmental and cost bonus.

Furthermore, the Environmental Working Group rates polypropylene as a low to moderate hazard. The dope-dyed method of printing bags requires no water and thus requires no wastewater disposal. A win for the environment and you.


Bags which refuse to break lower overall expenses. Product integrity is maintained, and product loss is minimized due to the strength of BOPP bags. Seepage and contamination score low, while moisture prevention scores high, which further guards your product and investment.

Also, using fewer layers than paper bags, BOPP options weigh less which saves on weight and shipping costs. UV protection properties ensure product integrity which delivers items fresher. And recyclability saves on disposal costs as well as your overall investment.

Finally, BOPP woven sacks are found in abundance and prove easy to obtain at a low cost (particularly compared to jute or paper). In short, BOPP boosts your bottom line.


BOPP bags respond well to printing and lamination. A film of BOPP is applied over woven polypropylene bags. This feature makes it easy to achieve the look needed for your packaging. Clear, vivid customization on both sides of the bag (and the gussets) is the result.

Polypropylene also proves to be colorfast. As a result, the printing stays put. It does not run and cannot be rubbed or scratched off. When your product travels across the community, state or country, it is crucial that your brand remains intact.

Maintaining your company image through packaging, storage, transport, and purchase is a powerful marketing tool. Every set of hands that move your product become familiar with your name. And with the ability to print as vivid as a photo on BOPP bags, your message comes across crystal clear. In short, BOPP gets the job done.

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