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Wholesale Bulk Packaging and Great First Impressions

Did you know that a first impression forms within seven seconds? Even more intriguing, 55 percent of that initial impression is visual. Initial judgments are not primarily about the words spoken or the tone in which you say them. They are made about your look, posture, eye contact, and a handshake.

wholesale bulk packagingIn fact, people decide all kinds of things about you in the time it takes to introduce yourself. Believe it or not, they size up your trustworthiness, status, intelligence, power, success and more. That’s a lot of judgments made in such a short time.

But, how does this apply to bulk packaging?

The packaging and shipping of your products make an impression as well. From the delivery personnel to the customer receiving your bulk goods, the look of your package speaks volumes about who you are and what you value. Check it out.

What Your Packaging Says About You

A first impression includes the way your product looks as well as the customer experience. Within a few seconds of interacting with your bulk shipments, delivery personnel and consumers believe that they know you. It might be unfair, but it is what it is.

While these beliefs can be wrong, they tend to stick. This truth is what makes it essential to evaluate and upgrade your first impression. Consider the following questions that could be answered by a glance or brief interaction with your bulk packaging.

Do You Care About Quality?

Torn or crushed packaging means damaged goods to consumers. The strength of the shipping materials you choose for your product indicates your concern with quality. For example, straps or stretch film can keep pallets of products contained for a favorable impression. Furthermore, using the appropriate liners or materials to ensure freshness is critical as well.

Packaging factors to consider:

Do the shipping containers you choose ensure the best protection of your product?

Are the bags and boxes you use made of durable materials that can handle the shipping journey?

Do your products arrive intact and sealed for freshness?

Are You Considerate?

As you choose shipping materials, consider the equipment and storage issues along the transport route and how they impact your first impression. Pallets, bags, and boxes that are difficult to maneuver or store do not give your brand a favorable name. Improving the customer experience with easy-carry, non-tearing bags plays a role as well.

Packaging factors to consider:

Do your shipments stack well for storage and freshness?

Do your pallets, bags and other shipping products meet equipment specifications?

Do you take extra steps to improve the shipping process and customer experience?

Do You Value the Environment?

Today’s consumers look for products that reduce waste and environmental impact. This fact has led to the development of eco-friendly packaging options that fit most applications. Seeing pallets, bags, and boxes reused as well as products made from recycled materials such as BOPP bags impresses consumers.

Packaging factors to consider:

Are your pallets, shipping bags or boxes reusable?

Are your shipping products made of sustainable or recycled materials?

Do you reduce your carbon footprint in the materials and processes you choose?

Are You Trustworthy?

Research reveals that trustworthiness assessed in the first few seconds does not typically change. Your packaging solutions regarding the above questions give consumers an impression of whether you are trustworthy. Furthermore, the appearance of your brand and labeling plays a role as well. Well-printed, bold logos and information versus faded or scratched labeling provides a better first impression.

Packaging factors to consider:

Do your bags or boxes ensure freshness?

Do your shipments arrive on time and in good condition?

Is labeling clear and helpful?

Why First Impressions Matter With Packaging

As the saying goes, “You get one shot to make a first impression.” If your packaging tells customers that you are trustworthy and value the consumer (and the Earth) while producing a quality product, well done. Those buyers are likely to come back for more as long as their experience continues to match their first impression.

However, if your packaging does not leave a favorable impression, changes need to be made. Why? You will lose business. Like it or not, initial feelings about a product will impact if it gets bought. Plus, the power of word of mouth works against you when poor impressions are shared.

First impressions are difficult to undo so do not lose heart. Strategic and intentional changes draw consumers back to your brand. A new look which addresses customer concerns tells consumers that you are serious about fulfilling their needs.

Here’s your next step. 

Walk into your storeroom. What does your packaging say about you? Is this the image you want to give customers? If you are not sure, be brave, and ask others to provide you with feedback. A few simple changes could put you on the road to making a better first impression.

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